OTA Leader Tips and Tricks

Tips shared by OTA past presidents and current leaders.

January 2013

William T Obremskey, MD 

Proximal Humerus Plate for Fixation of Selected Medial Femoral Condyle Fractures

December 2012

Timothy J Bray, MD and Austin Hill, MD

Surgeon Controlled Case Collection

November 2012

Stephen A Kottmeier, MD

Extracorporeal Fabrication of PMMA Spacer for Masquelet Bone Defect Reconstruction

July 2012

Douglas G Lundy, MD

Orthopaedic Trauma Surgeons Often Underestimate the Massive Effect That They Have On Political Advocacy and Public Policy!

June 2012

M Bradford Henley, MD, MBA and Anna N Miller, MD

Internally Rotated Oblique X-Ray to Assess Healing of Distal Tibial Shaft Fractures

May 2012

Ross K Leighton, MD

Nail Extractor Troubleshooting

April 2012

Stephen A Kottmeier, MD

Use a Retrograde Guidewire to Direct an Antegrade Femoral IM Nail

March 2012

Andrew H Schmidt, MD

Method for Optimizing Imaging During Repair of Proximal Humeral Fractures

February 2012

William T Obremskey, MD

How We Apply Negative Wound Therapy

January 2012

Lisa K Cannada, MD

Provisional K-Wire Fixation of Complex Olecranon Fractures and Elbow Dislocations

December 2011

William T Obremskey, MD

No Hands Retraction

October 2011

M Bradford Henley, MD

Use of AO Distractor for Proximal Humerus

August 2011

M Bradford Henley, MD

Supine Positioning for Olecranon Fixation

July 2011

M Bradford Henley, MD

Cutaneous Landmarks for Distractor Pin Placement in Medial Talar Body

June 2011

Richard F Kyle, MD

Arthroplasty for Failed Fixation of a Femoral Neck Fracture

May 2011

Timothy J Bray, MD

Orthopaedic Vendor Fairs

April 2011

Peter G Trafton, MD

A Surgeon's Diary