Webinar: How do I treat failed extra capsular hip fracture fixation?



Webinar Description:

This OTA webinar will cover various aspects pertinent to failed fixation of extra capsular hip fractures. The course will focus on prevention of failure, looking at specific root causes such as biology and biomechanics aspects, errors in reduction quality and errors in treatment concepts. Each presenter will follow a cased-based framework  to highlight the root cause of the failure, demonstrate ways that failure could have been prevented and finally, suggest solutions demonstrating their preferred method of treatment. 


  • Common causes of failure of fixation  of extra capsular fractures of the hip
  • The importance of preoperative planning, decision making and intraoperative strategies to avoid failure
  • Specific solutions for revision of fixation or replacement
  • Tips and tricks for revision fixation of failed hip fracture fixation

Faculty and Course Outline 

7:00 - 7:05pm CST - Introduction,  Cyril Mauffrey, MD  

7:05-7:20pm CST - Biology and Biomechanics Issues, Mark Hake, MD 

7:20-7:35pm CST - Errors in Reduction, David Hak, MD 

7:35-7:50pm CST  - Erros in Treatment Concept, Theodore Manson, MD

7:50--8:00pm CST -  Case Discussion and Summary, All Faculty