Anatomic Reduction of Acetabular Fractures – When is the Best Time to Operate?

Steven Dailey, MD; Michael Archdeacon, MD; Caleb Phillips, PhD; Joseph Radley, MD

The Effect of Three Dimension Printing Modeling for Treating Complex Acetabular Fractures-A Randomized Prospective Study

Hu Wang, MD; Kun Zhang, MD; Yan Zhuang

Does Injury Mechanism Influence Eventual Conversion to THA After Acetabular Fractures in Geriatric Patients?

Aaron Johnson, MD; Robert O’Toole, MD; Patrick Greenwell, BS; Theodore Manson, MD


Long Term Hip Joint Survival and Clinical Results in Conservatively Treated Acetabular Fractures

John Clarke-Jenssen, MD; Anette Wikerøy, MD; Ingrid Eitzen, PhD; Jan Erik Madsen, MD, PhD,


Surgery for Unilateral Sacral Fractures: Are the Indications Clear?

Paul Tornetta, MD; Julie Agel, ATC; Sean Nork, MD; Clifford Jones, MD, FACS; Heather Vallier, MD; Brian Mullis, MD; Zachary Roberts, MD; James Goulet, MD; Anna Miller, MD, FACS; Andrew Schmidt, MD


Posterior Fixation in APC-2 Pelvic Ring Injuries Decreases the Rates of Anterior Plate Failure and Malunion

Frank Avilucea, MD; Paul Whiting, MD; Hassan Mir, MD, MBA

A Prospective Trial Comparing Magnetic Resonance Imaging-Detected Pelvic Ligament Injury to Displacement on Pelvic Stress Examination Under Anesthesia

Brendan O’Daly, MD FRCS(Tr&Orth); Lina Chen, MD; Derik Davis, MD; Joshua Gary, MD; Christopher Lebrun, MD; Christina Boulton, MD; Theodore Manson, MD; Jason Nascone, MD; Marcus Sciadini, MD; Michael Mulligan, MD; Robert O’Toole, MD


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