Pediatrics/Non-union/Spine/ Compartment Syndrome

Operative Versus Conservative Management of Displaced Tibial Shaft Fractures in Adolescents

Matthew Kinney, MD; David Nagle, BA; Tracey Bastrom, MA; Michael Linn, MD; Alexandra Schwartz, MD; Andrew Pennock, MD

Fracture Classification Predicts Functional Outcomes in Supracondylar Humerus Fractures: A Prospective Study

Justin Ernat, MD; Anthony Riccio, MD; Robert Wimberly, MD; David Podeszwa, MD; Christine Ho, MD 


Factors that Predict Instability in Pediatric Diaphyseal Both Bone Forearm Fractures

Jeffrey Kutsikovich, MD; Christopher Hopkins, MD; Edwin Gannon, BS; Derek Kelly, MD; Jeffrey Sawyer, MD

Best Trauma Paper of the 2015 POSNA Annual Meeting “Implementation of a Standardized Clinical Assessment and Management Plan (SCAMP) for Pediatric Distal Radius Fractures: Effect on Quality and Care"

Donald S Bae, MD; Rachel L DiFazio, MS, RN; Marie Harris, MPH; Dionne Graham, PhD; Rose Hamershock, MA; Susan Mahan, MD; Peter M Waters, MD 

Factors Associated with Development of Nonunion or Delayed Healing following Open Fracture: A Prospective Cohort Study of 736 Subjects

Don Weber, MD; Joseph Westgeest, BSc; Sukhdeep Dulai, MD, MSc;

Joseph Bergman, MD; Richard Buckley, MD; Lauren Beaupre, PT, PhD

A Predictive Model of Tibial Shaft Fracture Nonunion at the Time of Definitive Fixation

Kevin O’Halloran, MD; Max Coale, BA; Timothy Costales, BS; Timothy Zerhusen, BS; Renan Castillo, MD; Jason Nascone, MD; Robert O’Toole, MD


Prospective Prediction of Tibial and Femoral Shaft Fracture Nonunion at Four Months

Sarah Foyil, BA; Brett Schiffman, BA; Frank DiSilvio, BS; Mitchell Bernstein, MD, FRCSC; Hobie Summers, MD; William Lack, MD

Ketorolac Administered in the Recovery Room for Acute Pain Management Does Not Affect Healing Rates of Femoral and Tibial Fractures

David Donohue, MD; Drew Sanders, MD; Rafael Serrano-Riera, MD; Charles Jordan, MD; H Claude Sagi, MD


Posttraumatic Tibial Defects Treated By The Ilizarov Method: Comparison of Classic Versus Integrated Technique

Mitchell Bernstein, MD, FRCSC; Austin Fragomen, MD; Samir Sabharwal, BA; Jonathan Barclay, BA; S Rozbruch, MD


Is this Autograft Worth It? The Blood Loss and Transfusion Rates Associated with RIA Bone Graft Harvest

Lucas Marchand, MD; David Rothberg, MD; Erik Kubiak, MD; Thomas Higgins, MD


Treatment of Hypovitaminosis D in an Orthopaedic Trauma Population

Brendan Andres; Benjamin Childs, BS; Anna Wallace, MD; Heather Vallier, MD


Incidence of Complications After Therapeutic Anticoagulation in the Postoperative Spine Trauma Patient

Brian Shiu, MD; Elizabeth Le, MD; Timothy Costales, BS; Nicholas Caffes, BS; Ehsan Jazini, MD; Daniel Gelb, MD; Eugene Koh, MD, PhD; Bizhan Aarabi, MD; Steven Ludwig, MD


Can Thrombelastography Predict Venous Thromboembolic Events in Patients with Spine Trauma?

Mark Prasarn, MD; Zayde Radwan, MD; Prism Schneider, MD, PhD, FRCSC; Joshua Gary, MD


Narcotic Requirements is Not Predictive of Adult Traumatic Compartment Syndrome

Ehsan Jazini, MD; Ebrahim Paryavi, MD, MPH; Christine Helou, MD; Joshua Abzug, MD


Microdialysis Detects Ischemic Change Early in the Evolution of Acute Compartment Syndrome

Alexander Crespo, BS; Sanjit Konda, MD; Abraham Goch, BS; Kenneth Egol, MD 

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