Hip Fractures

Femoral Neck Shortening Is Associated with Worse Functional Outcome: Analysis of The Prospective Multi-Center Study of Hip Fracture Outcomes in China (SHOC)

Gerard Slobogean, MD, MPH, FRCSC; David Stockton, MD; Bingfang Zeng, MD; Dong Wang, MD; Andrew Pollak, MD; Baotong Ma, MD

A Case-Control Study of Total Hip Arthroplasty after Failed Proximal Femoral Fracture Fixation

David Walmsley, MD; Zachary Morison, MSc; Aaron Nauth, MD, FRCSC; Michael McKee, MD; James Waddell, MD, FRCSC; Emil H Schemitsch, MD

Hip Fracture Treatment at Orthopaedic Teaching Hospitals: Better Care at a Lower Cost

Sanjit Konda, MD; Arthur Manoli, BS; Karan Patel, BS; Kenneth Egol, MD


Is it Safe to Operate on Therapeutically Anticoagulated Hip Fractures?

David Saper, MD; Kyle Lybrand, MD; Kasey Bramlett, PA-C; Michael Kain, MD; Paul Tornetta, MD; Peter Althausen, MD, MBA; Andrew Marcantonio, DO, MBA


Short vs Long Cephalomedullary Nails for Fixation of Stable vs. Unstable Intertrochanteric Femur Fracture at a Level I Trauma Center

Michael Beebe, MD; D Andrew Hulet, BS; Casey Whale, BS; Chong Zhang, MS; Jeremy Gililland, MD; David Rothberg, MD; Erik Kubiak, MD


Myth or Taboo? Use of Long Threaded Screws in Femoral Neck Fractures

Kyu Hyun Yang, MD; Hyung Keun Song, MD; Jun Young Chung, MD; Dong Hyun Kang, MD; Xuanlin Zheng, MD

Percutaneous Cannulated Screw Versus Dynamic Hip Screw Fixation for Intracapsular Femoral Neck Fracture: A Comparative Study

Girish Swamy, MRCS; Ali Shah, MRCS; Sami Hassan, MRCS; Abdul Aziz, MRCS; Christopher Moran, MD, FRCS; Daren Forward, MD


Relationship between the Charlson Comorbidity Index and Cost of Treating Geriatric Hip Fractures: Implications for Bundled Payment

Daniel Johnson, BS; Vasanth Sathiyakumar, BA; Sarah Greenberg, BA; Rachel Thakore, BS; Jesse Ehrenfeld, MD, MPH; Hassan Mir, MD, MBA; Amir Jahangir, MD; William Obremskey, MD, MPH; Manish Sethi, MD

Missing Data May Invalidate Hip Fracture Database Studies

Bryce A Basques, MD, MHS; Adam Lukasiewicz, MSc; Andre Samuel, BBA; Matthew Webb, BA; Daniel D Bohl, MD, MPH; Jonathan Grauer, MD

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