Foot and Ankle

Long Acting Local Anesthetic in Ankle Fractures Requiring ORIF Reduces Postoperative Narcotic Use: A Randomized Trial

Roy Davidovitch, MD; Abraham Goch, BS; Sanjit Konda, MD; Christian Pean, MS; Kenneth Egol, MD


Association between Opioid Intake and Disability after Operative Treatment of Ankle Fractures

Abigail Finger, BA; Teun Teunis, MD; Michiel Hageman, MD; Emily Thornton, BS; Malcolm Smith, MD; David Ring, MD, PhD


Incisura Morphology as a Risk Factor for Syndesmotic Malreduction

Steven Cherney, MD; Amanda Spraggs-Hughes, MA; Christopher McAndrew, MD; William Ricci, MD; Michael Gardner, MD

Does Physical Therapy Predict Outcomes after Ankle Fractures and Ankle Fracture-Dislocations?

Chad Ferguson, MD; Luke Harmer, MD, MPH, FRCSC; Rachel Seymour, PhD; J Kent Ellington, MD; CAPT (ret) Michael Bosse, MD

Peroneal Irritation after Lateral Malleolar Fractures

Paul Tornetta, MD; Margaret Cooke, MD; Clifford Jones, MD, FACS; Janos Ertl, MD; Brian Mullis, MD; Kenneth Egol, MD; Michael Gardner, MD; William Ricci, MD; David Teague, MD; William Ertl, MD; Laura Phieffer, MD; Cory Collinge, MD; Ross Leighton, MD, FRCSC, FACS


Reduction Clamp Force Associated with Syndesmotic Over-Compression: A Pilot Study

Jacob Haynes, MD; Steven Cherney, MD; Amanda Spraggs-Hughes, MA; Christopher McAndrew, MD; William Ricci, MD; Michael Gardner, MD


A Clinical Comparison of Treatment of Deltoid Ligament Injuries in Ankle Fracture: Repairing the Deep Deltoid or Superficial or NOT

Xu Sun, MD; Ting Li, MD; Yuneng Li, MD; Xie-Yuan Jiang, MD; Xinbao Wu, MD; Manyi Wang, MD


The Diagnostic Accuracy of Mortise Radiographs and MRI in Predicting Deltoid Ligament Ruptures in Supination External Rotation Ankle Fractures

Stephen Warner, MD, PhD; Matthew Garner, MD; Peter Fabricant, MD, MPH; Patrick Schottel, MD; Michael Loftus, MD; Keith Hentel, MD; David Helfet, MD; Dean Lorich, MD


Medial Clamp Tine Positioning Using Intraoperative Fluoroscopy Affects Syndesmosis Malreduction

Christopher Cosgrove, MD; Sara Putnam, MD; Steven Cherney, MD; William Ricci, MD; Amanda Spraggs-Hughes, MA; Christopher McAndrew, MD; Michael Gardner, MD


The Failed Pilon: Factors Associated with Delayed Amputation, Arthroplasty, or Arthrodesis after Open Reduction and Internal Fixation

Mara Schenker, MD; Daniel Patton, MD; Jonathan Kark, MD; David Barei, MD; Daphne Beingessner, MD 

Fixation of Tibial Pilon Fractures: Which Side of the Tibia Do I Plate?

Gennadiy Busel, MD; J Tracy Watson, MD; Heidi Israel, PhD, RN

Predictors of Amputation in High-Energy Forefoot and Midfoot Injuries

Zachary Working, MD; Iain Elliott, MD; Lucas Marchand, MD; Lance Jacobson, MD; Angela Presson, PhD; Ami Stuart, PhD; Thomas Higgins, MD; Erik Kubiak, MD; David Rothberg, MD


A Randomized, Prospective Comparison of Bioabsorbable and Steel Screw Fixation of Lisfranc Injuries

Jamal Ahmad, MD

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