PA/NP Course Handouts

Thursday, October 10 - Saturday, October 12 (18.5 PANP Credits)

JW Marriott Desert Ridge, Grand Sonoran G

Thursday, October 10

The Polytraumatized Patient

1:00 pm Assessing the Multiply Injured Patient: The Orthopaedic ABC's 

Troy H Caron, DO

1:15 pm Staged Treatment & Provisional Stabilization 

William Cross, MD

1:30 pm Pelvic Ring Injuries - Evaluation,Xrays, Sheets & Binders  

Jason M Evans, MD

1:45 pm Compartment Syndrome - What To Do? 

Leslie J Gullahorn, MD

2:00 pm Open Fractures - Classification, Debridement, Antibiotics & Treatment 

Chinedu C Nwosa, MD

Friday, October 11

  Fractures About the Hip and Knee I

8:00 am Femoral Neck Fractures: Fix It Or Replace It 

Christina L Boulton, MD

8:15 am Subtroch / Intertroch - Plates & ORIF  

Laura Phieffer, MD

8:30 am Subtroch / Intertroch - IM Nails  

Thomas W Axelrad, MD, PhD

8:45 am Femoral Shaft Fractures - Entry Portals 

David "Dirk" Leu, MD


Fractures About the Hip and Knee II

10:00 am Supracondylar Femur - Tips & Tricks For Reduction & Fixation

Thomas W Axelrad, MD, PhD

10:15 am Tibial Plateau Fractures - One Incision Versus Two Incisions - When?

Laura Phieffer, MD

10:30 am Tibial Shaft Fractures - Transpatellar Or Suprapatellar Entry

David "Dirk" Leu, MD

10:45 am Questions & Case Discussions

Christina L Boulton, MD


Foot and Ankle Expert Panel and Case Discussion - 2:30pm - 4:00pm

Ankle and Pilon - Ryan P Finnan, MD

TalusPhilipp Leucht, MD

Calcaneus - Charles N Moon, MD

LisFranc and Crush Foot - Justin Siebler, MD


Fracture Complications Expert Panel and Case Discussion - 4:15pm - 5:45pm

Medical Issues - Troy H Caron, DO

Infections - Richard Gellman, MD

Wound Healing Problems - Daniel S Horwitz, MD

Malunion/Nonunion - Pat Yoon, MD

Saturday, October 12

Upper Extremity Expert Panel and Case Discussion - 8:00am - 10:30am

8:00 am Clavicle Fractures - When To Fix Them

Jeffrey O Anglen, MD

8:15 am Proximal Humerus Fractures - ORIF or IM Nail - Which Is Better?

Richard Gellman, MD

8:30 am Humeral Shaft Fractures - Approaches & Techniques

Laura Phieffer, MD

8:45 am Supracondylar Humerus Fractures - Reduction & Fixation Options

Keith Zurmehly, PA-C

9:15 am Elbow Dislocations - What Are The Issues? 

John D Wyrick, MD and Gregory L DeSilva, MD

9:30 am Olecranon Fractures - Plates, Tension Bands or IM Nails?

Steven I Rabin, MD

9:45 am Distal Radius Fractures - Volar or Dorsal?

Gregory L DeSilva, MD

10:45 - 11:30pm and 11:45am - 12:30pm: Lab Session: Distal Radius Volar Plating

Jack Anavian, MD