Basic Science Focus Forum Handouts

Wednesday, October 9 and Thursday, October 10

JW Marriott Desert Ridge, Wildflower Ballroom E


Theodore Miclau, III, MD, Basic Science Program Chair


Hot Topics In Biomechanics: Hip Fracture Fixation

7:30 am: Fixation Recommendations in 2013: Intramedullary Nailing

- Emil H Schemitsch, MD

7:42 am: Fixation Recommendations in 2013: Plating

Steven A Olson, MD

7:54 am: Selecting the Best Model: Comparing Existing Devices to New Constructs  

  - Loren L Latta, PE, PhD

8:06 am: Translating Biomechanical Findings into Clinical Practice

- Thomas A Russell, MD



10:00 am Inflammation and Healing: When is Too Much a Bad Thing?

- Chelsea Bahney, PhD

10:10 am Inflammatory-Related Cytokines: What Role Do They Have in Healing?  

- David J Hak, MD, MBA

10:20 am Can PRPs Modulate the Inflammatory Response During Healing?  

-  Peter V Giannoudis, MD

10:30 am Anti-Inflammatories: How and When Can They be Useful in Orthopaedic Trauma?

- David W Sanders, MD

- 10:40 am Systemic Trauma: Evidence-Based  Recommendations for Timing of Fixation in 2013

- Hans-Christopher Pape, MD


Bone Grafting

12:45 pm Efficacy of Autografts: Do Harvest Sites Matter?Aaron Nauth, MD 

12:55 pm Grafting in the Setting of Infection: Strategies - Hans-Christoph Pape, MD

1:05 pm Bone Graft Extenders: Which Ones Work? - J Tracy Watson, MD

1:15 pm Bone Graft Timing: What is Most Optimal? - Mark A Lee, MD

1:25 pm Bone Graft Substitutes: Is Anything as Effective as Autograft? - Kenneth A Egol, MD


Building Networks: The Basics

3:45 pm Global Clinical Research: Why Do We Need It?

- Paul Volberding, MD

4:00 pm What Kind of Evidence is Needed to Change Practice or Policy?

David Shearer, MD, MPH

4:10 pm Conducting International Clinical Research: What Resources are Necessary?

- Emil H Schemitsch, MD

4:20 pm Selecting the Right Study Design: Balancing Science and Resources

- Saam Morshed, MD, PhD

4:30 pm International Research Studies: How to Partner?

- Gerard P Slobogean, MD, MPH


International Research Studies

4:50 pm International Registries: INORMUS - Clary K Foote, MD

5:08 pm International Randomized Control Trial: FLOW - Kyle J Jeray, MD



7:30 am Diagnosis of Infection in Orthopaedic Trauma Patients: New Technologies - Joseph C Wenke, PhD

7:40 am Preventing Orthopaedic Infections  - David Markel, MD, MPH

7:50 am Implant-Related Infections: Bugs and Biofilms - Lawrence X Webb, MD

8:00 am Managing Hardware-Related Infections: Evidence Based StrategiesMike D McKee, MD

8:10 am Treatment of Post-Traumatic Osteomyelitis: The Next Generation!
- Todd O McKinley, MD


Stem Cells

9:30 am Stem Cell Populations: Which Ones are Most Useful? - Aaron Nauth, MD

9:40 am Stem Cells: How Do They Influence Healing? - Peter V Giannoudis, MD

9:50 am Progenitor Cells: What are The Sources? - Ralph S Marcucio, MD

10:00 am Stem Cell Therapies: What Still Needs to be Overcome? - Chelsea Bahney, PhD

10:10 am Developing Stem Cell Approaches to Bone Defect - George Muschler, MD