Young Practitioners Forum Handouts

6:30 am Current State of Affairs: Trauma Stats from
2016 Match and Post Fellow Survey
Jodi A. Siegel, MD

6:36 am Navigating the Fellowship Match Process
Christopher Domes, MD

6:44 am Transitioning from a Buddy to a Fellow to an Attending: Tips on Handling the Residents
Clay A. Spitler, MD

6:56 am From Good to Great: What Makes a Great Fellow
Andrew N. Pollak, MD

7:05 am Cheat Sheet for Your First 3 Years in Practice (What I Wish I Knew Then!)
Reza Firoozabadi, MD

7:15 am The Orthopaedic Trauma Surgeon at a Level 2 Center: What’s it Like
Emily S. Benson, MD

7:26 am Networking & Mentoring: Why Should I Care?
Samir Mehta, MD

7:36 am Building Your Toolbox: Developing an Elective Practice
Michael S. Kain, MD

7:47 am - 7:57 am Social Media: How to Manage my Online Footprint

7:58 am - 8:18 am PANEL: Planning your Career: Making It What You Want and How to Get There
Joshua L. Gary, MD, Daniel J. Stinner, MD, Michael T. Archdeacon, MD

8:46 am - 8:56 am Common Sense Lessons for Your Career & Life
Robert F. Ostrum, MD

8:57 am - 9:07 am The Little Things that Matter
J. Tracy Watson, MD

9:08 am - 9:28 am Having It All: Work/Life Balance
Lisa K. Cannada, MD, Laura S. Phieffer, MD, Theodore Miclau, III, MD


9:40 am - 9:47 am Can I Be a Fracture Surgeon? Trauma Surgery without Pelvic and Acetabular Work
William T. Obremskey, MD, MPH

9:48 am - 10:04 am Contracts, Houses and Common Sense Advice
Roy Sanders, MD

10:05 am - 10:15 am CHIP, MACRA Other Acronyms and Government Rules Affecting Practice:
A. Alex Janghir, MD

10:16 am - 10:43 am KEYNOTE
James A. Goulet, MD
We Always Teach the Surgery…Now the Art of Being Effective in Clinic
– How Do I Handle the Mounds of Paperwork?
– My Patients All Want Refills
– Do All Patients Need X-rays in their
First Post-op Visit?