Boot Camp Handouts


Wednesday, October 5, 2016

6:30 am Registration and Breakfast

7:00 am Welcome Daniel S. Horwitz, MD Erik Kubiak, MD

Upper Extremity                                                                                                      

Moderator: Thomas F. Varecka, MD

7:05 am Plating Clavicle Fractures - When and How                                                      

Steven J. Morgan, MD

7:25 am Nailing and Plating Proximal Humerus Fractures - When and How                             William M. Ricci, MD

7:45 am Distal Humerus Fractures Plating - When and How                                             

James A. Goulet, MD

8:05 am Distal Radius Fractures - Always Volar? Graft? 2nd Plate?                               

Thomas F. Varecka, MD

8:25 am Questions / Discussion

8:35 am Case Presentations to Panel                                                                                   James A. Goulet, MD

Orthopaedic Urgencies/ Emergencies                                                                      

Moderators: Hassan R. Mir, MD, MBA, FACS J. Tracy Watson, MD

9:00 am Getting Through the Night - What Needs to Go in the Dark                                

Hassan R. Mir, MD, MBA, FACS

9:20 am Case Presentations Open Fractures,Orthobiologics                                            

J.Tracy Watson, MD

10:00 am Refreshment Break

10:20 am Practical Technique Lab with Case Discussions – Proximal Humerus Fractures Lab Leader: Frank A. Liporace, MD

Practical Technique Lab with Case Discussions – Distal Humerus

Lab Leader: Erik Kubiak, MD

Hip Fractures                                                                                                          

Moderator: Frank A. Liporace, MD

11:00 am Intertrochanteric Fractures - When to Plate? When to Nail Short?                      

Jeffrey O. Anglen, MD

11:20 am Subtrochanteric Fractures - Techniques for Reduction and Fixation                           

J. Tracy Watson, MD

11:40 am Femoral Neck Fractures - Elderly                                                                      

Frank A. Liporace, MD

12:00 pm Femoral Neck Fractures - Young                                                                      

Robert F. Ostrum, MD

12:20 pm Questions / Discussion                                                                                  

Jeffrey O. Anglen, MD J. Tracy Watson, MD Frank A. Liporace, MD Robert F. Ostrum, MD

12:35 pm Lunch and Cases                                                                                            

Daniel S. Horwitz, MD and Erik Kubiak, MD

Femoral Shaft / Supracondylar Femur Fractures                                                        

Moderator: Clifford B. Jones, MD

1:25 pm Pelvic FracturesWhat is Stable, What Will/Could Fool You                                    

Erik Kubiak, MD

1:45 pm Femoral Nailing - Where to Start, Tips and Tricks                                                

Saqib Rehman, MD

2:05 pm Periprosthetic Fractures Around TKA                                                                

Clifford B. Jones, MD

2:25 pm SC Femur Fractures - Techniques for Intrarticular Reduction and Fixation          

Timothy S. Achor, MD

2:45 pm Questions and Discussion                                                                                    

Erik Kubiak, MD Saqib Rehman, MD Clifford B. Jones, MD Timothy S. Achor, MD

2:55 pm Travel to Labs

3:00 pm Practical Technique Lab with Case Discussions – Pilon Fractures                           

Lab Leader: Saqib Rehman, MD

Practical Technique Lab with Case Discussions – Extended Nailing - Tibial Shaft                  

Lab Leader: Joshua Langford, MD

Knee Moderator: Daniel S. Horwitz, MD

3:40 pm Spanning Ex-Fix - When and How                                                                      

Saqib Rehman, MD

4:00 pm Extensor Mechanism Injury - How to Fix                                                          

Joshua Langford, MD

4:20 pm Question and Discussion                                                                                  

Daniel S. Horwitz, MD Saqib Rehman, MD Joshua Langford, MD

Thursday, October 6, 2016


Moderator: Philip R. Wolinsky, MD

7:00 am Case Presentations - Hip, Femur, Knee                                                              

Daniel S. Horwitz, MD

7:40 am Tibial Shaft - Proximal and Distal Fractures                                                           

Paul Tornetta III, MD

8:00 am Plateau Fractures - Techniques for Reduction, Choice of Approach and Implant      

Amer J. Mirza, MD

8:20 am Pilon Fractures - Common Sense Approach to the Simple Patterns                       

Philip R. Wolinsky, MD

8:40 am Questions and Discussion                                                                                  

Amer J. Mirza, MD Philip R. Wolinsky, MD

9:00 am Case Presentations - Tibial Malreduction, Nonunion, and Early Failures                  

Amer J. Mirza, MD Philip R. Wolinsky, MD

9:40 am Refreshment Break

Foot and Ankle Moderator:                                                                                            

Joshua Langford, MD

10:00 am Ankle Fractures in the Elderly, Osteoporotic, and Neuropathic Patient                 

Daniel S. Horwitz, MD

10:20 am Hindfoot and Midfoot Fracture/Dislocation - How and When to Temporize          

Joshua Langford, MD

10:40 am Cases and Discussion                                                                                    

Daniel S. Horwitz, MD Joshua Langford, MD

11:00 am Adjourn